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About Wes

With a passion for compelling stories and beautiful imagery, when not shooting or directing documentary projects, Wes produces TVCs and branded content across automotive, tourism, sport and entertainment industries.
As an accomplished DP, Wes’s eye for visual storytelling, combines with his experience in post and finishing, ensuring he knows how to best capture the right images and maximise production values.
Specialties also include water, aerial drone, gimbal and macro photography.
With a breath of Producer experience across a range of genres and budgets, Wes is able to happily self-produce as a solo operator but also work well with a team across larger productions.




Sony FX6

Red DSMC2 water housing with topside monitoring
DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone 


Range of Sony, Canon and Sigma zooms

Vintage Contax Zeiss primes 



Range of lighting and audio kits


DaVinci Resolve and Premiere Pro suite 

Broadcast monitor and grading panels 


CASA RePL Drone Licence

Australian Cinematographers Society

Australia Directors Guild

Screen Producers Association of Australia

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